My name is Denis PC Poussard,
I sign my paintings : SOKAN

Sokan’s “Adventure” began with this painting,

even if I painted some before.I’m rather laconic.

But I will make efforts

to present my work and my conception of painting.

Three keywords, and everything

or almost everything has been said on my painting:

Nature, Colour & Form.


Victor Hugo said. I quote: “The poet must have one template, Nature, one guide, Truth.” Likewise I have one template, Nature. Nature is an inexhaustible source of colours and shapes, a stunning template of perfection and aestheticism. You just need to open your eyes to contemplate, admire, memorize and transcribe.


The link between Nature and Colour is Light. I do not attempt that colour will serve figuration. Colour is the center of my preoccupation. It is my entire subject. I use colours as the compose use notes. My concerne is transcribe what I do feel inside.


The creation of a painting is to combine Colours and Shapes. I strive to make a transcript of my memories of the dazzling nature. My approach is to capture the expressive power of the language of color to create and organize hues for compositional and harmonious purposes.

More generally…

Black & White

The debate over whether white and black are colours, was started a long time ago. And the question remains. Indeed, it depends on the point of view of each. Leonardo da Vinci regarded them as colours. For my part, I use white in my creations. But I do not have black on my palette.


Most of my colours are very saturated. Like André Lhote, I consider that we only see well when we are dazzled. Nature has understood it. She knows how to dazzle us with the sets and the harmony of her colours and shapes.

A Painting?

A painting should not need to be explained, it should arouse emotions as a musical work does. The eye is the first receiver, the brain analyzes, and according to this analysis the heart reacts. When a visitor says he likes a painting, he often speaks of a “crush”.

If I had to characterize my painting style, I’d say it’s getting closer to:

Romantic Abstraction.

My favorite medium remains oil painting.

         In November 1913 during a conference on colour and shape, Henry Valensi mused, “In the same way the musician’s inspiration takes its flight on the wings of notes, why not suppose that colour, through its inner strength, would express the painter’s thoughts?” He then adds, “What the sound is to the musician, the colour becomes to the painter.” Theory teaches us the three primary colours; nature offers a set of seven colours. The specter of the rainbow highlights seven colours. The varied mixtures of these seven colours can create over 10,000 variations that can be seen by the human eye.

           Colour has its own language and I like to bring out the strength of that language and its beauty by organizing those colours in a concentrated mesh of composition and harmony. Colour no longer serves as a mere medium of structure, it has become the centre of my focus, it becomes the art itself.

            Eugene Delacroix says, in essence, ‘Colour is, above all else, the most excellent part of art which bears the magical gift.’ Whereas subject, form or shape, lines and structure are aimed at logical thought; colour has no sense of mind, but it permeates the senses turning logic into beauty.

          A painting should not need an explanation; it should arouse the emotions as does the chorus of a musical symphony. This is what I strive for, to see the amazement on the face of one standing in front of my painting. It’s that look, which for me, is the ultimate reward.